Protection of civil structures against dampness and water

We provide damp proofing for civil structures

Technologies/materials employed by us

mPVC film

Damp proof membranes are intended for the protection of civil structures against dampness and water.

VIPLANYL® sheet metal

VIPLANYL® sheet metal, protected on the surface with a layer of softened PVC, is used as a finalization and anchoring metal element in the application of PVC-based damp proof membranes.

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Our services

  • Flat roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Garden lakes, biotopes
  • Swimming pools and tanks
  • Silage pits and sumps
  • Damp-proofing preventing the penetration of petroleum products and oils
  • Damp-proofing against the seepage of underground and pressurized water
  • Radon gas barriers
  • Thermal insulation for flat roofs
  • External plumbing related to roof damp-proofing, including roof gutters and lightning conductors
  • Turnkey solutions for swimming pools and garden lakes, from earthworks to putting them into full operation, including heating systems
  • Industrial cleaning of (mPVC) membrane-coated zones
Damp proof membranes for flat roofs can also be installed in newly-built and refurbished civil structures with flat roofs, as well as in older buildings. The membranes make it possible to implement high-quality, durable, and maintenance-free roofing, with a thermal insulation option available. The damp proof membranes guarantee long-lasting damp proofing of your civil structure even in extreme conditions.

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Our goal is to help our customers to avoid all pitfalls intrinsically linked to damp proofing and to obtain all information relevant to their purchase order in one place.

20 years’ experience in the field

IZOLAKCE has been providing services in the field of damp-proofing for roofs, terraces, swimming pools, and similar civil structures to its customers since 2011.

Thanks the experience it has built up, IZOLAKCE is among the leading companies on the market. We can offer objective solutions when it comes to selecting and applying damp proof membranes in line with the customer’s needs. Professional consulting services are provided as a matter of course in order to achieve the optimal engineering and economic solution.

References provided by our clients

“We would like to thank IZOLAKCE for their perfect work. They repaired our roof’s damp-proofing perfectly.”

Alena Dvorakova

“Our leaking swimming pool has been fixed! I can only recommend the company. A great team, eager to serve over the phone and in person. A fair approach. Reliable!”
Roman Andrle

“IZOLAKCE helped me to build my garden lake exactly the way I wanted it.”
Josef Strnad

Requests for information and calculations are provided free of charge

Do you have a question concerning technical matters, a request, or any comments or suggestions? We will provide you with all information on materials and help you to find solutions to your problems.

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